Reasons You Should Consider Buying Flood Insurance Even If You Are Not in a Flood Plain

Flooding and the damage it causes is typically not covered by your home insurance policy. For flooding to be included, you have to purchase a supplemental flood insurance policy. One of the questions that INW Insurance Group, serving the Phoenix and Mesa, AZ area, is frequently asked is, "do you need this add-on insurance if you do not live in a floodplain?" We strongly recommend flood insurance to our customers, and this is why.

Not All Floods Happen in Flood Plains

Many people think that floods only happen in floodplains or the areas marked as high risk. But one in five floods hit homes that are outside of the high-risk area. This statistic means twenty percent of all flooded homes are affected. This statistic may seem low but is a high percentage for floods compared to other disasters and as such, one of the reasons why you should consider having flood insurance even if you are not in a high-risk area. 

Flood Insurance Covers More Than Floods Caused By Rain

The other reason why you may want flood insurance, even if you are not in a high-risk area, is because flood insurance covers more than just floods caused by rain. If you have a pipe that bursts, a septic tank that overflows, or a leaky toilet, a flood may occur in your home. In some cases, these types of floods may be covered under your home insurance policy. This is not always the case. Having flood insurance ensures that your home is protected against all types of floods, not just those caused by rain. 

If you do not have a certificate or add-on addendum to your home insurance that specifies flood coverage, your home may not be covered against floods. Let INW Insurance Group, serving the Phoenix and Mesa, AZ area, change this. Call us today to get a quote for flood insurance.