Pet Insurance and Wedding Insurance

Everyone knows about home and auto insurance, but what about wedding insurance and pet insurance? Surprisingly, there is such thing as wedding insurance and pet insurance! It may be something to consider. Let’s look at the facts:

The average wedding cost in Mesa, AZ is $24,859, making your special day very expensive. What happens when your big day gets canceled or great grandma Mary trips and falls? INW Insurance Group has a few different options you might consider for wedding insurance. There is wedding insurance itself which covers everything from cancellations to lost deposits. It also covers any fees you may have already paid to your vendors, which is a huge plus!

Liability and alcohol liability are also equally important in Mesa, AZ to protect you from any lawsuits, which sounds crazy, but it happens! You will want this coverage even if the venue doesn’t already require it. There is a lot more to getting hitched than you thought!

INW Insurance is a great place to start for any large event insurance coverage in Mesa, AZ. If you have any questions on wedding or large event insurance give us a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you are anything like us and treat your pets like family, pet insurance might be something to consider. Pet policies cover just about everything you could get for yourself. They have basic health coverage, which covers visits to the vet, accidents, and some types of medication (of course it depends on the coverage you decide on.) Here are some tips from the pros to help you decide what pet insurance is right for your pet:

  • Find out how different carriers define and handle pre-existing conditions.
  • In some cases, insurance providers will not insure a specific breed of pet or may limit the number of pets you can insure, if they consider them “high risk.”
  • Some providers will give multiple pet discounts.
  • Co-pays, deductibles, add-on charges and other fees, should be clearly explained to you so you fully understand the policy and its limitations.