3 Tips for Buying Umbrella Insurance in Mesa, AZ

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that provides protection for items that your other insurance may miss. The actual word “umbrella” is a description of how this policy is, essentially, a catchall for an array of claim-types. 

When you purchase umbrella insurance in Mesa, AZ, it can help you recover from unexplained claims. However, you have to be smart about the purchase to ensure you are making a sound investment. Our team at INW Insurance Group can help, if you need a bit of advice and guidance. 

1. Bundle Your Policies

It’s a good idea to see what you are currently covered for and bundle your new umbrella insurance policy with existing policies to save money on your premiums. To determine where you need extra protection, review all your current policies. Most people understand there are certain nuances with their policy, but they don’t know where the exclusions are leaving a gap in their coverage. During this analysis, you can find out about the specific exclusions, which are found at the end of your policy. You can then figure out where you need umbrella insurance to fill the gap. 

2. Run a Loss Analysis and Compare Quotes

The loss analysis refers to all the claims you have made to date. You can get this list from your insurance company. By keeping record of your expenses, you can determine what you had to pay out-of-pocket to cover repairs, accidents, and other insurance-related situations. By doing this, you have another opportunity to see where umbrella insurance may be beneficial. After this, compare several policies to find the right one for you

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Working with a friendly and reputable insurance agent will help you navigate the seas of umbrella insurance by answering all of your questions and concerns. 

If you want to know more about umbrella insurance and if you need it, contact our team at INW Insurance Group. We serve the area in and around Mesa, AZ. 


4 Benefits of a Customized RV Insurance Policy

From the angle of your rearview mirror to the way you position your seat for maximum comfort, your driving style is unique. Your RV insurance policy should be too. INW Insurance Group can customize your Mesa, AZ RV policy to more closely match your personal preferences, goals, and circumstances. These are just some of the ways a customized policy improves your daily experience.

  • Design your policy to support your personal financial goals. Choose a higher deductible to free up cash flow each month that can be funneled into your personal savings. If your emergency fund isn’t in the best shape, switch to a lower deductible plan to ensure an accident doesn’t dry up your small stash.
  • Make sure your coverage matches your adventure style. Luxury travelers who tote along outdoor cooking accessories, sports equipment, or pricey hobby tools like high-speed digital cameras can extend their policies to provide payment for the loss, theft, or covered the destruction of high-value personal items in your RV.
  • Find access to no-hassle emergency help when you’re on-the-road. Roadside assistance coverage can turn your RV accident from a tragedy to a small hiccup in your plan. Mechanically talented drivers still benefit from this coverage. When you’re stuck miles away from the nearest auto parts store, roadside assistance can quickly come to your rescue.
  • Make your policy fit the way you use your RV. Vacation-oriented RV owners can pause and restart their policies to match their travel plans. Full-timers can talk to their agent about increasing certain coverages to protect their home-on-wheels.

With INW Insurance Group, you don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all RV insurance. Contact our representatives to talk about tailored coverage for your Mesa, AZ rig.

Things your boat insurance covers

For many people, owning a boat is a dream come true. It does, however, comes with some liability. Boat owners in Mesa, AZ can feel confident talking to the agents at INW Insurance Group to discuss what the ramifications of being a boat owner are and how best to protect themselves and their assets. While boat insurance is not required in Arizona, it may be required by your lender if you finance your boat or by a marina where you store your boat. 

Boat insurance has many of the same coverages that you would get with an auto policy collision damage to your boat, liability coverage, and non-collision damage. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you against any kind of litigation that may be filed against you whether for property damage or bodily injury. If someone is traveling with you in your boat or is a passenger in a vehicle you have a collision with and is injured, you may face being sued. This coverage also covers damage by you to other water vehicles and structures such as docks or piers. 

Collision coverage

Collision coverage protects your vehicle from damage that results from a collision. It also covers the motor and the trailer. You likely have a large investment in your boat and you would not want to lose that investment due to an accident. 

Comprehensive coverage

Not all damage is caused by a collision, weather can be very damaging to your boat. Vandalism and theft are also part of this important coverage. 

When you own a boat making sure that you have the correct insurance to protect you, your assets and others is vital. In Mesa, AZ the knowledgeable staff at INW Insurance Group has the information that you need to make the most informed decision. Give the office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Liability Claims?

The short answer is that renters insurance typically does cover liability claims. The longer answer starts with explaining why liability is even needed for renters. It’s because renters have some of the same responsibilities as homeowners. While they may not be required to fix a broken window or the damaged sink, they are required to provide a safe environment for anyone who may grace their path in Mesa, AZ. INW Insurance Group wants you to know how liability works, and what it means to have protection in case an unexpected event occurs. 

Accidents and Injuries 

Let’s say you invite a friend over to your home for a dinner party. During the party, your guest needs to use the bathroom. As they travel down the hallway to the restroom, they trip over one of your child’s toys that were left in the middle of the path. The guest didn’t see the toy because the light bulb in the hallway burned out and was never changed. You may be held liable in this case for any medical bills that result from the injury. 

How much Does It Cover?

Your renter’s insurance policy in Mesa, AZ will typically have liability claims up to a certain amount. And while the listed amount on the policy may initially sound like a lot, renters have to be careful when they assume they’ll have enough to cover an expensive lawsuit. Because liability cases can drag out for months, the costs can mount extremely quickly. 

How to Decide 

Renters insurance is a smart precaution for anyone to make. Just taking the first step is a strong showing of responsibility. If you want to learn more about renters insurance, call INW Insurance Group today to find out more about a policy can protect you. 

Does My Motorcycle Need To Be Insured When It’s In Storage?

When the temperatures in Mesa, AZ begin to drop, most motorcycle riders start the season by topping off their bike’s tank, adding fuel stabilizer, and doing other steps that ready their bike for winter storage. That’s when some bike enthusiasts wonder if they can save a few dollars by temporarily canceling their motorcycle insurance. Should you cancel insurance on your motorcycle when it’s been retired to the garage? It may be tempting, but here’s why you’ll find it’s probably not the soundest practice. 

Why You Should Keep Yourself Protected While Your Motorcycle Is In Storage 

Is your bike definitely going to be in storage for the season? Even if Mesa experiences unseasonably warm winter weather, if you have canceled your INW Insurance Group policy, you’ll have to fight the urge to take your wheels out for a ride, or else you won’t be covered for any accident or another unfortunate event. 

Even when your bike is safe and sound in storage, you need to remember your bike still faces risks such as theft, vandalism, fire, and weather damage, If you cancel your insurance coverage, and something happens to your bike, you’ll have to pay any damages repair costs yourself. 

What You May Be Able To Do To Save 

One option you may consider is to raise your deductible while your bike is in storage, which usually results in a lower premium. Remember that you’ll need to have cash on hand to pay the higher deductible if something did happen to your motorcycle. Your driving record, how many miles you typically ride, and the location where you store your motorcycle are other possible factors that may impact your premium. 

So, give your INW Insurance Group agent a call today, or stop by our Mesa, AZ office to get answers to all your motorcycle insurance coverage questions. You may find that there are other opportunities to help reduce the cost of your motorcycle policy – that will not only help you out while your bike is in storage but year-round.  

Other unknown things covered by your home insurance

Homeowners in Mesa, AZ know the importance of having a basic home insurance policy. A home insurance policy covers a wide range of perils and ensures that you do not need to back to your pockets to start a new home. But did you know that there are other optional coverages under home insurance that you don’t know anything about?

At INW Insurance Group, we are keen to educate our policyholders about these other unusual things covered by the home insurance policy that we suppose they do not know:

  • Fire department charges: Fires are a common occurrence in the home and can turn out to be devastating. The fire department may charge you based on the extremity of the fire. Your homeowner’s insurance coverage will cover these costs.
  • Dorm burglary: For those with students in school, burglaries happen, and a homeowner with this policy will ensure their children are protected in case of a burglary.
  • Wild animal stampede: This may sound a little off, but very relevant for people who have come across vast herds of animals passing by their homes. When these animals destroy anything covered in your home insurance, your insurance company will repair the damage or replace it.

To know about other unusual things covered under home insurance, speak to INW Insurance Group specialists or visit our offices in Mesa, AZ. 

What is a Clean Driving Record?

Some people may think that they will not get any insurance if they do not have a clean record. They may also believe that their insurance prices will rise too. The first that you need to know is what is considered a clean record. In Mesa, AZ, the INW Insurance Group would like you to understand what a clean record is and what you can do to keep it clean.

A clean driving record is usually when you do not have any moving violations, points on your license, or accidents. Employers may look at a clean record differently than an insurance company might. They might only consider the last three years without a ticket or overlook a minor fender bender where you weren’t at fault. If you want a job where you are driving, don’t lie about your record. The employers have researchers who specialize in background checks which include your driving record. Being upfront will remove the surprise if they find a speeding ticket or other moving violations.

An insurance company may consider you have a clean record if you have had less than three moving violations. Some may even overlook a minor traffic ticket. If you have major offenses and several claims, then an insurance company will most likely deem that you do not have a clean driving record and your insurance costs could go up. They may look at the last 10 years of your record, but they may only look at a DUI or a hit-and-run. INW Insurance Group has independent insurance agents in Mesa, AZ who are able to help you with your driving record. They’ll be able to put you in touch with insurance companies that can help you with auto insurance coverage. Stop by the office today and you will be able to check for home and life insurance as well.


Why do I need condo insurance

Buying a condo in the Mesa, AZ area is a major investment. Having condo insurance will give you peace of mind that all your assets and your property are protected against some of the events that can happen in life. If you have a mortgage on your condo, your lender may require you to have an individual condo insurance policy. The friendly agents at INW Insurance Group can help guide you through the maze of insurance coverage that is available.

Exterior coverage

While a condo is your home, the coverage that is needed for a condo differs from the coverage that you would have for a standalone home. Your condo association or the HOA holds a master policy that covers the exterior of the condo. This policy also carries liability insurance for the outdoor and common areas at your location. It is up to you to read this policy to make sure that it is going to protect your investment and what exactly is covered. 


The interior of your condo is your responsibility to insure. You need to protect your belongings from theft and damage from a covered loss. This includes your furniture and your clothing as well as appliances and electronics.  It also provides liability coverage should someone be injured inside your unit.

Loss of use

This is an important coverage if your unit becomes so damaged that you can’t live there. You need an insurance policy that will pay for you to stay somewhere else while your home is restored.

Owning a condo is unique and the best way to protect yourself is with both an individual and a master condo policy. Stop by the offices of the INV Insurance group if you are a resident of Mesa, AZ or the surrounding area to discuss the individual policy that is best for your situation.


Protect Your Financial Future With an Umbrella Policy

It’s an exciting time in your life. You started a new job, purchased your first home and have the "grown-up" car you always wanted.  But did you know the home and auto insurance policies you have now may not be enough to protect your financial future?

When Home and Auto Insurance Isn’t Enough

Ensuring your home and auto insurance has the proper liability limits is the first step in protecting yourself. However, in some scenarios, those limits aren’t enough.  And when those liability limits are exhausted, you are financially responsible.

For example, let’s say you are hosting a party for your neighbors in your new home in Mesa, AZ. Everyone is enjoying themselves when all of a sudden one of the kid’s trips and falls down your stairs.  It was a pretty bad fall requiring a call to 911. While the child was okay, they will need extensive surgery on both their arm and leg, which means a lengthy stay in the hospital plus physical therapy after. And since it happened at your home, you are liable for those medical bills. Plus, you want what’s best for your new neighbor.

Unfortunately, the liability limit on your homeowner’s policy is eaten up pretty quickly, and there are still bills to pay. These bills could come out of your pocket, or if a lawsuit happens, your future earnings may be at stake.  However, if you have an umbrella policy, it would kick in after the personal liability limits on your homeowner’s policy is gone. Giving you an added layer of protection. The insurance experts at INW Insurance Group believe in protecting you from all angles. The right umbrella policy can do that for you.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Mesa, AZ and are ready to talk about protecting your financial future. Give the friendly insurance experts at INW Insurance Group a call today.

Do You Have to Have RV insurance?

An RV is a fantastic thing to have and can bring tons of fun and joy into your life. Having it properly insured is a must and having a great RV policy is something that you certainly need to keep in mind. For those that live in the Mesa, AZ area, the agents with INW Insurance Group can help you to determine what sort of policy you need and what is going to work for you.

An RV can technically be insured on your auto policy for a bit more than you might insure a car. If you are planning on driving your RV on the road, you can certainly add it to your auto policy if you want insuring to be simple and easy. For those that have an RV that does not drive or that is not driven on the road, you may be able to have it insured on your home owner’s policy. This would not cover you if you were driving it but would cover you if you were  going to park it in a garage for instance or on your property.

For those that are driving your RV or own a specialty RV, you may want to look into specialty insurance policies that are specifically geared toward RVs. This type of policy is going to cover the RV itself, any special amenities it may have, and the contents as well. This is going to help you make sure you are going to be able to keep your RV taken good care of and that it is going to be covered should something happen to it. For those that live in the Mesa, AZ area, the agents with INW Insurance Group can help you find the policy that works for you and best protects your RV.