Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

How are you getting to the table this Thanksgiving? If you’re riding into town on a motorcycle have you made sure that you’re properly protected against all the possible risks?

Your INW Insurance Solutions team loves motorcycles. We understand how motorcycles are more than a hobby, it is an experience. If your motorcycle is your pride and joy, you know the countless hours you put into taking care of your motorcycle. You wouldn’t just buy cheap motorcycle parts for your beloved motorcycle, so why would you get motorcycle insurance that is not up to the quality and care that you’ve invested into your ride?

While riding a motorcycle is more freeing and exciting than a car, it can be very dangerous. Motorcyclists face hazards like being less visible to other motorists or losing stability on roads with poor maintenance. Not only is motorcycle insurance required, there are also a variety of coverages you can choose and customize including collision, your personal belongings, motorcycle equipment. Considering the heightened hazards, it would make sense to better protect yourself before an accident were to happen.

You can call INW Insurance Solutions today to begin discussing your premiums. There are a variety of factors that may impact your pricing. In some instances, it might even be cheaper than insuring a car!

If you are looking for some ways to share your love of motorcycles with other riders and get some extra cash before the gift giving season, you can list your bike on Twisted Road, a motorcycle rental company. As a Twisted Road member, you could even qualify for a 5% discount with one of our carriers, Foremost Insurance Group. If this sounds like something you are interested in and would like more information on, you can contact our office. Our agents can discuss what coverage options Foremost Insurance Group offers and even additional policies to find you better savings.

INW Insurance Solutions finds you the best options for the challenges you may come across when searching for the perfect motorcycle insurance. Don’t take a risk when a riding a motorcycle. Wear your helmet and be protected against the risks on the road and liability.
Enjoy the road. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy knowing INW Insurance Solutions has your ride protected with motorcycle insurance.

Arizona Condo Insurance – What You Need To Know About Condo Insurance

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to move into a condominium in our beautiful state of Arizona.  Before you start the process of moving your items into your condo, you should become familiar with condo insurance and what it entails for you and your property.  Should you be in the market for condo insurance, INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ has many options available for coverage.

What Is Condo Insurance?

Similar to homeowners insurance, condo insurance is coverage that protects any items in your condo from damage or theft. Typically, this is a jumping-off point for condo owners as most tenants who have this coverage tend to add more coverage options to the policy, of which we’ll cover below.

Medical Payments Coverage

This form of coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by visitors to your condo should they get injured while visiting. 

Full Value Personal Property Coverage

This addition adds more value to your items while being covered under your policy and will replace items at the full cost of the item versus the depreciated value of the item.  

Consult With The HOA

Most condominiums have an HOA or Home Owners Association that they pay monthly dues to.  The HOA has to have the final say on any improvements or any changes to the condo while you are living there.  Consulting with HOA before any changes are made will also stipulate what is and what isn’t covered under condo insurance in the event of additions to the condo.

Higher Limits, Higher Premiums

As with regular insurance, you can elect to have coverage amounts of any choice, just keep in mind that the higher the coverage limit, the higher that your monthly premiums will be.

More Information

You can contact INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ today to learn more about condo insurance and the options you have as a new condo owner.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent About RV Insurance

When you go to get RV insurance, you may want to know about some specific things. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s important to know what is involved and what to expect. The following are questions you can ask your Mesa, AZ area agent from INW Insurance Solutions. 

1. Do I need special coverage for a new motor home or trailer? 

It might be a good idea to secure some optional coverage so that you protect your investment. There are companies that lease protection in the instance that you have a total loss accident, so you get enough coverage for the gap between the depreciated value and what you still owe on your loan. 

2. How many days of usage do I get with an RV insurance policy? 

This is something that varies on the company. Many insurance agencies offer policies that provide seasonality coverage. You can enjoy hitting the open road with coverage and back off when it’s the off-season. This way, you might only have to pay for comprehensive coverage for the time when your RV is stowed away somewhere for a consecutive period of time. 

3. Can I get assistance if I have a mishap while on the road? 

There are numerous companies that offer roadside assistance services as an add-on, just like they would for an automotive insurance policy. It may cover things like having someone come to open your door if your keys are locked inside, or if you have flat tires. 

4. What if I want coverage for my personal property?

If you have your valuables and other personal possessions on your RV, you’re in good company. You’ll want to talk to an independent agent about setting up personal property coverage that is adequate for the amount you’d like to recover in the event of a total loss situation. You might also get coverage for extra custom things you’ve added on such as a stereo system, awning, and custom wheels. 

You can get your RV insurance questions answered by a professional at INW Insurance Solutions. Serving the greater Mesa, AZ area, we’re happy to assist new customers. 

Boat Insurance Coverage Options

While there are no boat insurance requirements in the state of Arizona, it is still highly recommended that you protect the investment you have made in your boat by having it insured. The boat insurance professionals at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ know and understand the importance of boat and watercraft insurance.

There are several options you can choose from when it comes to insuring your boat. Also, if you have borrowed the money to purchase your boat, it may be a requirement by your bank or lender that you do have a boat insurance policy in place to protect the investment your lender has made in your boat.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance Coverage Options

Liability Boat Insurance

Liability boat insurance is extremely important and will help pay for the medical bills if someone is injured due to an accident involving you and your boat. This type of policy will cover people who are injured in another boat involved in a crash that is determined to be your fault as well as your own passengers in your boat. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is a type of coverage that will protect your investment in your boat or other watercraft if it is damaged or destroyed by an act of vandalism, a fire, or even a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado. It will also help to pay for the replacement of your boat or watercraft if it is stolen. This type of policy is also the one that a lender may very well require you to have since it best protects the investment they made in your boat or watercraft.

Collision Insurance

If you have a collision with another boat or an object, such as you back into a dock, this type of coverage will assist in paying for repairs to your boat or to a boat belonging to another boat owner involved in a collision with you and your boat. It will also help pay for any damage to the dock or any other object you collide with while driving your boat or operating your watercraft.

To obtain a quote and get your boat insurance policy started, contact the insurance agents at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ today.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Arizona?

If you are renting a home in Mesa, AZ your space and possession will need a magnificent insurance policy to enhance your protection. Regrettably, many Mesa, AZ residents ignore the procurement of renters insurance with the notion that their landlord’s policy covers their belongings. Arizona renters insurance can assist you in covering unexpected eventualities such as water backup damage, theft, and other covered natural calamities. Renters insurance provides a tenant with peace of mind that insurance will cushion your property in the event of a covered peril. Contact our agents at INW Insurance Solutions, and they will help you understand renters insurance in detail.

Is Renters’ Insurance Mandatory in Arizona?

Like many other states, Arizona doesn’t demand tenants to carry renters’ insurance. However, your landlord may demand you to purchase renters insurance to abide by the terms of your lease. Most landlords require you to provide proof of your policy before you sign your lease.

Types of Renters insurance Coverages

Personal property: This form of property safeguards your belongings from covered perils such as theft, hailstorm, and vandalism even if you are out of your condominium or traveling. It pays the cost of repair or replacement of your possessions like clothing, electronics, and furniture up to the limits in your policy. It entails two categories of personal property coverage, including actual cash value and replacement cost coverage.

Liability coverage: Protects you against probable lawsuits for physical injury or prevailing property damage that you as the policyholder or family members propagate to third parties. It also caters to the destruction caused by your pets, like damaging a neighbor’s expensive rug.

Additional living expenses: If your apartment is ravaged by a calamity covered in your policy and you need to reside elsewhere, renters insurance pays for additional expenses such as hotel bills, restaurant meals and other prevailing expenses. It pays for expenses when your home becomes uninhabitable, and you incur additional costs as it is being rebuilt.

Medical payments coverage: It’s pay for reasonable medical expenses if a guest residing on your property gets injured, irrespective of who is deemed liable.

Are you a resident of Mesa AZ searching for salient renters insurance to protect yourself and your space? Contact us today at INW Insurance Solutions for a competitive quote. We fully understand renters’ insurance needs differ.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

Similar to auto insurance coverage, motorcycle insurance coverage offers standard coverage options. Mesa, AZ motorcycle owners receive the standard liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in their policy but can include additional options. Below are some of those options, but those needing further assistance understanding these options can speak with an expert at INW Insurance Solutions.

Collision Coverage

The collision insurance coverage pays out for accident damage to a motorcycle minus the deductible. The deductible is the amount you selected when you purchased your policy and is your out-of-pocket costs associated with repairing the damage to the motorcycle. In most cases, your premium rates are contingent upon how high or low your deductible is. 

Comprehensive Coverage

The comprehensive insurance coverage pays you when your motorcycle has not been in an accident but has suffered damage by something else, including animal collisions. Additionally, comprehensive coverage reimburses you when your motorcycle gets stolen. Insurance payouts are after your predetermined deductible has been subtracted. 

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection provides coverage for medical bills associated with you, your passengers, or pedestrians injured in an accident, regardless of fault. PIP coverage varies and should be discussed further with your insurance agent. 

Add-On Coverage Options

The above coverage options are generally included in most motorcycle insurance policies. Many insurance companies offer add-on coverage options to offer motorcycle owners the ability to create a custom policy that works for their needs. Additional coverage options may include: 

  • Coverage for customized parts, equipment, and accessories
  • Transport trailer coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Travel interruption coverage

Motorcycle owners in Mesa, AZ can customize their motorcycle insurance policy, ensuring they have the coverage they need. Those with questions about how much coverage is required and what options are available should call the experts at INW Insurance Solutions. 

A guide to filing a home insurance claim

Home insurance is one of those policies you buy, hoping never to use. Many homeowners in Mesa, AZ purchase home insurance to protect their homes from various natural disasters and accidents such as fires. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know how to file a home insurance claim, or their claim ends up rejected.

INW Insurance Solutions found that many policyholders don’t study their policies and will assume that every damage is covered. Others simply don’t know what to do when such incidents happen. If you are one of those, who don’t know how to file a home insurance claim. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you understand the process.

Notify your insurance company

If it’s a typical accident like a fire, inform your insurance company immediately. You can inquire about the coverage limits, deductibles, and what documents will be required so that you can prepare. If the damage is related to a crime such as theft, notify the police first.

Submit your claim documents

Next, you will need to fill some forms with your personal details sent to you by your insurance company. Fill the forms and return them as soon as possible.

Document the damage

If it’s safe, walk around and salvage the situation. Check what is damaged and record with a camera if possible. Make a list of the damaged areas and items.

Meet with the adjuster

Depending on the extent of the damage, an insurance adjuster will be sent to assess the damage in person. They will check the damage and report back to the company.

Make small repairs

After the meeting, make minor repairs to prevent further damage and keep receipts as proof. If you’re staying in a hotel, track your expenses by keeping receipts of everything you buy or use until your home is ready.

Remember to read your policy and understand what is covered to avoid filing claims for uncovered perils. If you need more help learning how to file a home insurance claim in Mesa, AZ, please reach out to INW Insurance Solutions, and we will be happy to help.

Monsoon Season & Insurance

INW Insurance Solutions made Mesa, AZ their home so we are no strangers to the Arizona monsoon season that comes every year. We love the excitement from the storms, but we also know that monsoon season is the perfect time to determine if your home and auto insurance is enough.

Arizona’s monsoon season normally lasts from June to September. During this time thunderstorms, rain, wind, and dust storms can make frequent appearances. As astonishing as monsoons are to the Arizona desert, they also bring in hazards for your home, car, and personal safety. Strong winds can cause heavy objects like trees to fall down violently, heavy rain can cause sudden flooding, and dust storms can reduce visibility on the road.  However, your current policy may not cover certain damages or losses from extreme weather such as floods or the need for temporary living expenses. Your independent agents at INW Insurance Solutions can explain to you what these options are.

Monsoons are unpredictable and can change in an instant. Some years, our monsoon seasons are disappointing by being hot and dry. Other years, they are exciting and full of rain and haboobs. A sunny day can quickly become a hazardous rainstorm in a matter of moments, or a dry monsoon season can increase the chances of fires, which is why it is important to stay protected against the impacts of monsoon season with great insurance. Call INW Insurance Solutions today to see if your policies cover the possible damage that a monsoon can bring. Together, we can review and adjust your coverage so you can enjoy the storm from the safety of your home, knowing you are protected.

As we enter the last month of monsoon season, INW Insurance Solutions presents some tips to keep yourself safe and protected:

  • Stay updated on the weather
  • When driving in a dust storm, you should pull off the road, stop, and turn off your vehicle lights
  • Do not attempt to drive through a flooded road
  • Secure your outdoor objects that can blow away and cause damage
  • Keep up to date with repairs and maintenance of your home and car to minimize possible damages

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Having liability coverage today is more important than ever. With the litigious nature of today’s society, it’s important to have enough liability coverage for serious events that can happen. If you need more liability coverage, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ to talk with an agent.

Liability Coverage

If you own a home and a vehicle, you likely have insurance on both. The auto insurance and home insurance policies that you have will both have some coverage for liability protection. This will pay out if an accident is judged to be your fault and the other party has been injured and/or had their property damaged. However, even though you have this coverage, chances are that you have very little of it. Home and auto insurance policies often have a small amount of this coverage, and it can be highly expensive to add more to the policy.

Umbrella Insurance

Getting umbrella insurance solves all of these problems. It gives you a higher level of liability coverage without the high cost that comes from adding more coverage onto your home and auto policies. Instead, it is a separate insurance policy that adds liability to both. After there has been an accident, your home or auto coverage, depending on where the accident happened, will pay up to its maximum coverage amount. After this, many people end up paying the rest out of pocket. But with umbrella insurance, you don’t have to. It kicks in after your other policy has maxed out, and it has its own, higher, maximum payout amount. This saves your future finances from having to come up with payments for medical and property bills that result from an accident. 

Get Your Umbrella Coverage

If you need more liability coverage, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ to talk about your liability insurance needs. 

Student Discounts from INW Insurance Solutions

The tassel was worth the hassle!

Teen or young adult drivers can be very expensive to add on insurance. Luckily, if you call INW Insurance Solutions to review your coverage, we can help find you a better rate! Some of our carriers such as Encompass, Nationwide, Travelers and many more offer a variety of student discounts to help you save while you get your diploma or degree. This can help both you and your student driver! These may include:

  • Good Student Discount: Students with a 3.0/B or higher average   
  • Students Away at School: Students who live on campus without a car and are 100 miles away from the insured’s residence
  • Driver Courses/Training: Student drivers under 21 who have completed an approved driver’s education course

These discounts range from 7%-20% savings! With the rising price of tuition, saving money is always nice!

Are there any hardworking students in your life? Refer them or their families to our independent insurance agency and you’ll be entered in our referral drawing where you could win $500! Students may have a difficult time learning about insurance but with INW Insurance Solutions, they won’t have to worry because our independent agents work hard to find quality and affordable insurance.

INW Insurance Solutions applauds all the graduates of 2021. Our team cannot wait to hear of your future successes. And if you can’t wait to hear about better insurance policies, be sure to call us today at 480-626-0797 where we can begin finding you the best rates for insurance including auto, home, and more!