5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Auto Insurance

If you’re a new driver, you may find shopping for auto insurance challenging. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting auto coverage. At INW Insurance Group, we’ll guide you through the auto insurance process to help you make wise coverage options. If you’re in the market for auto insurance, here are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid when selecting a policy.

Not Shopping for a Good Deal

Auto insurance varies in coverage, quality, and cost. If you fail to shop around, chances are you’ll fail to get the best deal for your money. Shopping online makes it easier to compare what diverse insurers have to offer. You can also check reviews to see how agencies fair in the services they offer.

Getting Too Little Coverage

Although the price is important, you can’t gauge your insurance coverage solely on low costs. Cheap auto insurance could compromise your protection against accidents. When purchasing an auto policy in Mesa, AZ, make sure you have adequate coverage to protect you and others against any eventuality.

Not Meeting State Requirements

Like most states, Arizona requires that you have minimum liability insurance coverage. Liability protects the interests of others in accidents you cause. At INW Insurance Group, we’ll ensure you meet this legal requirement when purchasing your policy.

Not Customizing Your Policy in Mesa, AZ

Auto insurance policies aren’t one size fits all. Your coverage can and should be customized to suit your lifestyle and budget. Customizing your coverage ensures you receive the essential protection you need at an affordable cost.   

Choosing the Wrong Agency 

For quality auto coverage at reasonable costs, it’s important to work with a reputable insurer you trust. At INW Insurance Group, we have your best interests at heart. Call or visit us today for all your auto insurance needs.

How Condo Insurance Differs From Renters Insurance

Functionally speaking, condo insurance and renters insurance are basically the same thing. The difference is in what they cover. Condo insurance covers your condo, renters insurance covers an apartment or a rented room or other dwellings. Simple as that.

In both instances, all you’re really covering is what’s inside the domicile, your possessions. Your landlord or condo association covers the building itself, and everything on the outside of the building. Most condo associations will have you buy insurance on the building itself through them, or your insurance will be covered by your membership payments, while your condo insurance is usually up to you to shop around for.

There are really no fundamental differences between condo insurance and renters insurance, however, you are far more likely to be required to buy condo insurance than renters insurance. Most landlords will not require you to buy any sort of insurance. Their policy covers the building, and beyond that, you’re on your own. However, many condo associations will require that you carry some form of condo insurance.

Like home insurance, it’s not something that is legally mandated. If you don’t have a condo association or landlord telling you to buy condo insurance or renters insurance, then it is completely at your discretion. But, it is a wise investment.

If you are currently shopping around for insurance for your Mesa, AZ condo, get in touch with INW Insurance Group to see what they can do for you. Remember, the insurance that you hold through your Mesa, AZ condo association only covers the building and property itself. If you want to protect your possessions, call or message INW Insurance Group and get covered.

Does umbrella insurance cover my business assets?

A lot of people in Mesa, AZ still don’t understand how they can use umbrella insurance to solve the various financial crises. Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of financial protection and supplements your basic liability policies like home insurance and auto insurance. INW Insurance Group can help you know more about umbrella insurance.

How does umbrella insurance work?

Whether it is that lawsuit, that accident that you caused, or that business that was damaged and needs a financial boost; umbrella insurance is all the backup you need to get everything running smoothly. However, it is worth noting that umbrella insurance is not a primary policy and that it can only be applied in certain situations where your primary policy is inadequate. Here are a few scenarios where umbrella insurance can come in:

  • If you are found guilty in a lawsuit defamation
  • If your swimming pool floods and the water floods into your neighbor’s home, causing damages.
  • When your pet bites another person
  • When your child causes damage or injuries to another child
  • If someone falls and gets hurt when walking on your property
  • If you are involved in an accident where you are partially at fault

How can it cover my business assets?

Think of umbrella insurance as your financial backup. When a claim exceeds the primary policy’s limit, umbrella insurance can come in to fix the rest. When it comes to business, umbrella insurance may and may not be applied based on the situation. For example, if your property is damaged or your employees are injured due to one or several malpractices, umbrella insurance may not offer protection. The good news is that your business liability policies can take care of that.

Do you need umbrella insurance?

We all need an additional layer of protection in this litigious society. If you are looking to buy umbrella insurance, INW Insurance Group can help you find a policy that matches your needs. Feel free to pay us a visit in Mesa, AZ today!


Quick RV Care Tips to Make Your Trips Better

When you prepare for a road trip, you may not give much thought to your transportation. With the RV in the drive, you may focus a lot of your attention on the things you’re going to take with you instead of focusing on actually getting to your destination. But in order to get to where you want to go, you have to make sure the RV can get you there. And to do this, you must make sure you’re taking care of the RV. Here at INW Insurance Group serving the Mesa, AZ area, we’d like to share two quick RV care tips that will make sure road trips better.

Get an Inspection

Take the RV to a certified auto mechanic who specializes in working on RVs. This person can carefully examine your RV to ensure it’s ready for the road. If you don’t get an inspection, you may find yourself having to invest in a lot of mechanic work on the RV during your road trips.

Get Roadside Assistance

Check your insurance policy to make sure it has roadside assistance coverage. This way, you can stay safe at all times even if the RV breaks down on the side of the road during your trip. If you don’t have insurance on your RV, you should definitely give us a call now. We have agents that can help you get a policy that meets your exact needs, including one with roadside assistance. This coverage comes in handy even if you have a flat tire and need help.

Contact INW Insurance Group serving the Mesa, AZ area now to learn more about care tips for your RV.

Types of Boat Insurance to Consider

Boat insurance is considered to be one of the first types of insurance offered. Even ancient sailors knew all about the risks of a life at sea and, as a result, made sure their boats were protected against storms and other types of unpredictable waters and weathers. All this still applies today.

If you purchase a boat, there is no question it represents a significant investment. Taking the steps to protect it with boat insurance in Mesa, AZ from INW Insurance group. Keep reading to learn about the type of protection that boat insurance offers here.

Physical Damage Protection

If your boat is damaged in any way, boat insurance will protect it. It offers protection for damage caused by theft, a collision, storms, fire if the boat sinks and more. What is covered usually varies on the policy, so be sure to read the details of the policy before moving forward with the purchase.

Liability Coverage and Protection

Another type of boat insurance will cover the costs associated with an accident or injury that your boat causes. This will cover damage to other boats, docks, and an array of other structures. Remember, the damage or injury that occurs may be caused by a direct impact with your vessel or a situation resulting from the boat, such as a large wake.

Other Coverage Options

You may find boat insurance policies that provide protection for other damages and issues, too. For example, it may cover medical payments for injuries to people on your boat.

The best way to know about the type of boat insurance policies available in Mesa, AZ, work with our team at INW Insurance Group. Our team can help ensure that you get the coverage needed to protect the investment you have made in your boat.

What Items Does Condo Insurance Cover That The Building’s Policy Doesn’t?

Insurance is a must whether you own a stand alone residence, or you own a condo. When speaking in terms of condo insurance, it is important to understand the type of protection the individual needs to purchase in order to prevent loss of assets and what the building’s insurance covers.

Scope of Condo Insurance Coverage

In most cases, the building will feature liability insurance for the structure itself, including the walls of the condo unit, however, any personal belongings or contents, aren’t usually covered unless prior arrangements were made and payments included in the HOA fees. When selecting a condo policy, it will need to cover major appliances and items of significant value. Keep in mind that these items need to be documented by saving receipts or taking plenty of photographs to help make the claims process faster.

Working With An Agent to Find Condo Insurance

The best course of action when looking for quality condo insurance is to work with an experienced agent. They can help determine what the tenant needs to get comprehensive coverage against a variety of threats to personal belongings. People who live near the Mesa, AZ area, should contact INW Insurance Group to find out what their options are and how to prevent any gaps in coverage that can create losses. 

Begin searching for condo insurance with the assistance of a skilled insurance agent from INW Insurance Group, serving Mesa, AZ, and get the protection and peace of mind you need. Call or stop by the office today to speak with a representative or to schedule a consultation for more details. 


3 Tips for Buying Umbrella Insurance in Mesa, AZ

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that provides protection for items that your other insurance may miss. The actual word “umbrella” is a description of how this policy is, essentially, a catchall for an array of claim-types. 

When you purchase umbrella insurance in Mesa, AZ, it can help you recover from unexplained claims. However, you have to be smart about the purchase to ensure you are making a sound investment. Our team at INW Insurance Group can help, if you need a bit of advice and guidance. 

1. Bundle Your Policies

It’s a good idea to see what you are currently covered for and bundle your new umbrella insurance policy with existing policies to save money on your premiums. To determine where you need extra protection, review all your current policies. Most people understand there are certain nuances with their policy, but they don’t know where the exclusions are leaving a gap in their coverage. During this analysis, you can find out about the specific exclusions, which are found at the end of your policy. You can then figure out where you need umbrella insurance to fill the gap. 

2. Run a Loss Analysis and Compare Quotes

The loss analysis refers to all the claims you have made to date. You can get this list from your insurance company. By keeping record of your expenses, you can determine what you had to pay out-of-pocket to cover repairs, accidents, and other insurance-related situations. By doing this, you have another opportunity to see where umbrella insurance may be beneficial. After this, compare several policies to find the right one for you

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Working with a friendly and reputable insurance agent will help you navigate the seas of umbrella insurance by answering all of your questions and concerns. 

If you want to know more about umbrella insurance and if you need it, contact our team at INW Insurance Group. We serve the area in and around Mesa, AZ. 


4 Benefits of a Customized RV Insurance Policy

From the angle of your rearview mirror to the way you position your seat for maximum comfort, your driving style is unique. Your RV insurance policy should be too. INW Insurance Group can customize your Mesa, AZ RV policy to more closely match your personal preferences, goals, and circumstances. These are just some of the ways a customized policy improves your daily experience.

  • Design your policy to support your personal financial goals. Choose a higher deductible to free up cash flow each month that can be funneled into your personal savings. If your emergency fund isn’t in the best shape, switch to a lower deductible plan to ensure an accident doesn’t dry up your small stash.
  • Make sure your coverage matches your adventure style. Luxury travelers who tote along outdoor cooking accessories, sports equipment, or pricey hobby tools like high-speed digital cameras can extend their policies to provide payment for the loss, theft, or covered the destruction of high-value personal items in your RV.
  • Find access to no-hassle emergency help when you’re on-the-road. Roadside assistance coverage can turn your RV accident from a tragedy to a small hiccup in your plan. Mechanically talented drivers still benefit from this coverage. When you’re stuck miles away from the nearest auto parts store, roadside assistance can quickly come to your rescue.
  • Make your policy fit the way you use your RV. Vacation-oriented RV owners can pause and restart their policies to match their travel plans. Full-timers can talk to their agent about increasing certain coverages to protect their home-on-wheels.

With INW Insurance Group, you don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all RV insurance. Contact our representatives to talk about tailored coverage for your Mesa, AZ rig.

Things your boat insurance covers

For many people, owning a boat is a dream come true. It does, however, comes with some liability. Boat owners in Mesa, AZ can feel confident talking to the agents at INW Insurance Group to discuss what the ramifications of being a boat owner are and how best to protect themselves and their assets. While boat insurance is not required in Arizona, it may be required by your lender if you finance your boat or by a marina where you store your boat. 

Boat insurance has many of the same coverages that you would get with an auto policy collision damage to your boat, liability coverage, and non-collision damage. 

Liability coverage

Liability coverage protects you against any kind of litigation that may be filed against you whether for property damage or bodily injury. If someone is traveling with you in your boat or is a passenger in a vehicle you have a collision with and is injured, you may face being sued. This coverage also covers damage by you to other water vehicles and structures such as docks or piers. 

Collision coverage

Collision coverage protects your vehicle from damage that results from a collision. It also covers the motor and the trailer. You likely have a large investment in your boat and you would not want to lose that investment due to an accident. 

Comprehensive coverage

Not all damage is caused by a collision, weather can be very damaging to your boat. Vandalism and theft are also part of this important coverage. 

When you own a boat making sure that you have the correct insurance to protect you, your assets and others is vital. In Mesa, AZ the knowledgeable staff at INW Insurance Group has the information that you need to make the most informed decision. Give the office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Liability Claims?

The short answer is that renters insurance typically does cover liability claims. The longer answer starts with explaining why liability is even needed for renters. It’s because renters have some of the same responsibilities as homeowners. While they may not be required to fix a broken window or the damaged sink, they are required to provide a safe environment for anyone who may grace their path in Mesa, AZ. INW Insurance Group wants you to know how liability works, and what it means to have protection in case an unexpected event occurs. 

Accidents and Injuries 

Let’s say you invite a friend over to your home for a dinner party. During the party, your guest needs to use the bathroom. As they travel down the hallway to the restroom, they trip over one of your child’s toys that were left in the middle of the path. The guest didn’t see the toy because the light bulb in the hallway burned out and was never changed. You may be held liable in this case for any medical bills that result from the injury. 

How much Does It Cover?

Your renter’s insurance policy in Mesa, AZ will typically have liability claims up to a certain amount. And while the listed amount on the policy may initially sound like a lot, renters have to be careful when they assume they’ll have enough to cover an expensive lawsuit. Because liability cases can drag out for months, the costs can mount extremely quickly. 

How to Decide 

Renters insurance is a smart precaution for anyone to make. Just taking the first step is a strong showing of responsibility. If you want to learn more about renters insurance, call INW Insurance Group today to find out more about a policy can protect you.