Is it Mandatory to Have Flood Insurance in Mesa AZ

The legal requirement to purchase flood insurance is not= legally required unless it is specified by the terms of your mortgage. Very few households in Arizona, or most of the country, bother to get flood insurance. Although, it should be considered that flooding is still a problem in some areas of Arizona and there have been past disasters. In any case, you should consult with INW Insurance Group if you are interested in a flood insurance policy in the Mesa, AZ area.

Why Get Flood Insurance?

Flooding may seem like a minor concern in such a dry state but it can still happen due to strong downpours and inadequate drainage systems. Since homeowners insurance won’t typically cover flood damage, this is why you need to purchase a separate policy. Unfortunately, some may assume that their home insurance will cover it so they don’t bother seeking flood insurance.

What is Covered?

First of all, your home and its foundation will be covered up to a certain amount ($250,000 is a typical figure). The electrical, plumbing and climate control systems are also included. Other permanently installed items, like flooring, carpeting, or cabinets are covered. If your home is wrecked and debris removal services are required, that may be included as well.

Your personal items inside the home are also covered by most policies. This may include your electronics, appliances, furniture, and collectibles up to a certain amount.

Consider your risks and living situation and figure out if it is wise to take out a flood insurance policy. Many that are hit by a flood may not expect it and will have to cover their own damages by not being prepared. If you decide to purchase a policy and you live in the Mesa, AZ area, give INW Insurance Group a call.