What’s Unique About Umbrella Insurance?

When you want insurance coverage that gives you broader coverage at an affordable rate, you can always turn to umbrella insurance. This coverage takes over when the limits of your home, auto, and other conventional insurance coverages are exhausted. And that’s not the only advantage of umbrella insurance. As you will learn from INW Insurance Solutions of Mesa, AZ, umbrella insurance has numerous benefits. Let’s go through some.

It protects your assets

One of the reasons you work hard in life is to accumulate a sufficient amount of properties for investment purposes or to improve your comfort. Now, imagine someone coming for your hard-earned assets. Wouldn’t that be downright frustrating? Regrettably, your assets can be on the line when faced with lawsuits. Thankfully, investing in umbrella insurance protects your assets and future earnings from significant liability claims.

Provides broader coverage

Umbrella insurance not only gives you higher coverage but broader protection too. Let’s explain. Umbrella insurance provides you with personal liability protection not found in the base liability coverages. For instance, umbrella insurance will protect you when accused of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy — these liability claims aren’t covered in the typical auto, home, or boat liability coverage.

Has no geographical limitation

Your typical car or home liability coverage is only limited to the American boundaries. However, things are different with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance provides you coverage anywhere in the world. So, you can travel anywhere in the world, knowing that umbrella insurance has got your back.

It’s super-affordable

Another advantage of umbrella insurance is that it’s surprisingly affordable. Given that it takes over after the conventional coverages have been exhausted, the premiums are super-affordable despite the high liability coverage.

Need to invest in umbrella insurance Mesa, AZ? Why don’t you contact INW Insurance Solutions for an affordable quote?

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

When you want to have better liability coverage than you already have, getting an umbrella insurance policy is an option available to you. If you already have home and auto insurance, it works with those policies to provide you with more coverage. If you want to know more about umbrella insurance, call us now at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ.

Home and Auto Insurance Policies

Both your home and auto policies come with several different types of coverage. One of these coverage types is liability protection. This pays for lost wages and medical bills after someone has an accident that you are liable for. In your vehicle, that is generally from an accident that you are at fault for. In the home, this can be an accident that is anywhere on your property. However, your home and auto policies most likely have little coverage for liability. If you get an umbrella policy, it adds to the amount of liability coverage that you have. 

Two Insurance Policies

When you have an umbrella policy, it adds to both your home and your auto insurance’s coverage for liability. That means that your home is covered by both your home insurance and your umbrella insurance, and the same is true for your auto insurance. After an accident has taken place, the first insurance company to come in is your auto or home policy, depending on the location of the accident. After it has reached its maximum payout, the umbrella policy comes along behind it and pays what it can up to its own, very high limit. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you are interested in having better liability coverage, umbrella insurance may be right for you. Give us a call today at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ  to find out more. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Having liability coverage today is more important than ever. With the litigious nature of today’s society, it’s important to have enough liability coverage for serious events that can happen. If you need more liability coverage, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ to talk with an agent.

Liability Coverage

If you own a home and a vehicle, you likely have insurance on both. The auto insurance and home insurance policies that you have will both have some coverage for liability protection. This will pay out if an accident is judged to be your fault and the other party has been injured and/or had their property damaged. However, even though you have this coverage, chances are that you have very little of it. Home and auto insurance policies often have a small amount of this coverage, and it can be highly expensive to add more to the policy.

Umbrella Insurance

Getting umbrella insurance solves all of these problems. It gives you a higher level of liability coverage without the high cost that comes from adding more coverage onto your home and auto policies. Instead, it is a separate insurance policy that adds liability to both. After there has been an accident, your home or auto coverage, depending on where the accident happened, will pay up to its maximum coverage amount. After this, many people end up paying the rest out of pocket. But with umbrella insurance, you don’t have to. It kicks in after your other policy has maxed out, and it has its own, higher, maximum payout amount. This saves your future finances from having to come up with payments for medical and property bills that result from an accident. 

Get Your Umbrella Coverage

If you need more liability coverage, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ to talk about your liability insurance needs. 

Is It Worth To Invest in Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance refers to a policy that protects your assets when your homeowner’s or car insurance can no longer provide coverage. Such a scenario may seem unlikely, considering your most valued possessions are already taken care of. But despite this, a significant incident may arise, resulting in substantial expenses. INW Insurance Solutions explains why getting umbrella insurance is worth it.

Benefits of Getting Umbrella Insurance

One of the benefits of getting umbrella insurance is that it protects your assets from liability when your standard policy is exhausted. Numerous lawsuits often award compensation exceeding insurance covers, resulting in the impounding of assets to offset damages. Umbrella insurance safeguards you against this, providing coverage when needed.

Apart from protecting you from any financial setbacks, umbrella insurance also protects all members of your household from liability. This is, however, possible where they are included in your policy.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Damage to Property

Damage to other people’s property is often covered under options such as auto and home insurance. If, however, you get into an accident within the Mesa, AZ area and damages exceed your limit cover, umbrella insurance will come in handy in covering the extra costs.


If one of your guests gets injured in your residence, they can sue you for damages for medical bills or pain and suffering. If either of these exceeds your homeowner’s insurance, umbrella insurance helps you pay for all hospital bills and legal fees arising from your case.

Lawsuits can also arise where defamation claims result from slander or libel. Along with this, legal claims inclusive of fender bender faults and landlord liability follow suit, all of which are covered under umbrella insurance cover.

When Should You Consider Umbrella Insurance?

If you check any of the following boxes, you may occasionally face a liability claim or injury when someone pays a visit to your residence. Investing in umbrella insurance should be your next step.

  • If you own rental properties in Mesa, AZ
  • If you own a vehicle or a boat
  • If you are a public figure
  • If you own pets
  • If you own a pool or equipment such as trampolines
  • If you frequently host parties

No matter how big or small your assets, umbrella insurance is worth it. Let INW Insurance Solutions help you protect your assets against any unforeseen emergencies.

Get More Liability Coverage With Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Coverage

We all need several types of insurance to be covered for the worst happening. However, simply having a home or auto insurance policy doesn’t mean that you have enough liability coverage. If you settled for the minimum insurance coverage that was required, chances are that you have little liability coverage. An umbrella insurance policy is a way to boost the amount of liability coverage you have for both home and auto insurance. If you’re interested in an umbrella policy, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ.

Liability Insurance

Your home and auto policies will each have some liability included in the, but consider how much you could owe if the worst should happen. In the case of accidents, lawsuits can be extremely costly. If you are found at fault for them, you could be out large sums due to medical bills alone. That’s where umbrella coverage comes in. It gives you extra liability protection for both your home and auto insurance policies. After those policies have paid out to their maximum, an umbrella policy then pays the rest, up to its maximum. This greatly increases the amount of liability protection you have. 

Why Get an Umbrella Policy?

Umbrella policies are inexpensive. They offer large coverage amounts for relatively little. If you were to increase the liability coverage you have in your home and auto policies, it could cost much more to do so than to get an umbrella policy. 

Get an Umbrella Policy

If you want greatly expanded liability coverage, call us at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ for a talk with an insurance agent. You could be getting more coverage for your money and have the peace of mind it brings. 

Does umbrella insurance cover my business assets?

A lot of people in Mesa, AZ still don’t understand how they can use umbrella insurance to solve the various financial crises. Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of financial protection and supplements your basic liability policies like home insurance and auto insurance. INW Insurance Group can help you know more about umbrella insurance.

How does umbrella insurance work?

Whether it is that lawsuit, that accident that you caused, or that business that was damaged and needs a financial boost; umbrella insurance is all the backup you need to get everything running smoothly. However, it is worth noting that umbrella insurance is not a primary policy and that it can only be applied in certain situations where your primary policy is inadequate. Here are a few scenarios where umbrella insurance can come in:

  • If you are found guilty in a lawsuit defamation
  • If your swimming pool floods and the water floods into your neighbor’s home, causing damages.
  • When your pet bites another person
  • When your child causes damage or injuries to another child
  • If someone falls and gets hurt when walking on your property
  • If you are involved in an accident where you are partially at fault

How can it cover my business assets?

Think of umbrella insurance as your financial backup. When a claim exceeds the primary policy’s limit, umbrella insurance can come in to fix the rest. When it comes to business, umbrella insurance may and may not be applied based on the situation. For example, if your property is damaged or your employees are injured due to one or several malpractices, umbrella insurance may not offer protection. The good news is that your business liability policies can take care of that.

Do you need umbrella insurance?

We all need an additional layer of protection in this litigious society. If you are looking to buy umbrella insurance, INW Insurance Group can help you find a policy that matches your needs. Feel free to pay us a visit in Mesa, AZ today!


3 Tips for Buying Umbrella Insurance in Mesa, AZ

Umbrella insurance is a type of coverage that provides protection for items that your other insurance may miss. The actual word “umbrella” is a description of how this policy is, essentially, a catchall for an array of claim-types. 

When you purchase umbrella insurance in Mesa, AZ, it can help you recover from unexplained claims. However, you have to be smart about the purchase to ensure you are making a sound investment. Our team at INW Insurance Group can help, if you need a bit of advice and guidance. 

1. Bundle Your Policies

It’s a good idea to see what you are currently covered for and bundle your new umbrella insurance policy with existing policies to save money on your premiums. To determine where you need extra protection, review all your current policies. Most people understand there are certain nuances with their policy, but they don’t know where the exclusions are leaving a gap in their coverage. During this analysis, you can find out about the specific exclusions, which are found at the end of your policy. You can then figure out where you need umbrella insurance to fill the gap. 

2. Run a Loss Analysis and Compare Quotes

The loss analysis refers to all the claims you have made to date. You can get this list from your insurance company. By keeping record of your expenses, you can determine what you had to pay out-of-pocket to cover repairs, accidents, and other insurance-related situations. By doing this, you have another opportunity to see where umbrella insurance may be beneficial. After this, compare several policies to find the right one for you

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Working with a friendly and reputable insurance agent will help you navigate the seas of umbrella insurance by answering all of your questions and concerns. 

If you want to know more about umbrella insurance and if you need it, contact our team at INW Insurance Group. We serve the area in and around Mesa, AZ. 


Protect Your Financial Future With an Umbrella Policy

It’s an exciting time in your life. You started a new job, purchased your first home and have the "grown-up" car you always wanted.  But did you know the home and auto insurance policies you have now may not be enough to protect your financial future?

When Home and Auto Insurance Isn’t Enough

Ensuring your home and auto insurance has the proper liability limits is the first step in protecting yourself. However, in some scenarios, those limits aren’t enough.  And when those liability limits are exhausted, you are financially responsible.

For example, let’s say you are hosting a party for your neighbors in your new home in Mesa, AZ. Everyone is enjoying themselves when all of a sudden one of the kid’s trips and falls down your stairs.  It was a pretty bad fall requiring a call to 911. While the child was okay, they will need extensive surgery on both their arm and leg, which means a lengthy stay in the hospital plus physical therapy after. And since it happened at your home, you are liable for those medical bills. Plus, you want what’s best for your new neighbor.

Unfortunately, the liability limit on your homeowner’s policy is eaten up pretty quickly, and there are still bills to pay. These bills could come out of your pocket, or if a lawsuit happens, your future earnings may be at stake.  However, if you have an umbrella policy, it would kick in after the personal liability limits on your homeowner’s policy is gone. Giving you an added layer of protection. The insurance experts at INW Insurance Group believe in protecting you from all angles. The right umbrella policy can do that for you.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Mesa, AZ and are ready to talk about protecting your financial future. Give the friendly insurance experts at INW Insurance Group a call today.

Umbrella Insurance: Protection For Your Assets

Protecting your family and livelihood is a top priority for most people, which is why it is so important to have quality insurance. But in the event of a devastating tragedy or lawsuit, do you know if you will be covered? While your current insurance policy may cover some damages or legal fees, an umbrella insurance plan goes further. An umbrella policy is an additional level of protection on top of your existing insurance policies, and it is designed to protect you and your assets from harmful liability claims or judgments exceeding the coverage of those other policies.

Umbrella insurance protects you from a wide range of perils in just about every area of your life. It adds even more security than the liability protection found in your personal auto, homeowner, and boat insurance policies. From being legally deemed responsible for physical injury to another person or property to being sued for libel or slander, umbrella insurance is there for you when you need it most. Of course, an umbrella policy is an added layer of coverage, not a replacement for basic home and auto insurance.

For the protection that umbrella insurance policies provide, they are relatively inexpensive. A typical policy ranges from $200-300 annually, usually starting at $1M coverage. Many people often have assets through home equity. However, this can be at risk in the event of a large lawsuit, which is starting to become a trend in the United States as they become more and more common. In Arizona, the only assets that are protected from creditors and judgements without a trust are $125,000 equity if a person has owned their home for less than five years, and $150,000 equity if a person has owned their home for more than five years.

An umbrella policy also protects you regardless of location. If your dog bites somebody in the park, or you accidently injure someone while driving overseas, umbrella insurance has you covered. There have been cases involving Arizona natives driving their own vehicles while vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico, and the lawsuits were brought back to the United States. In these types of scenarios, not having an umbrella insurance policy could put your finances and assets at risk.

INW Insurance Group, located in Mesa, AZ, offers a wide variety of umbrella insurance coverage options to protect you and your assets. Give us a call at 480-626-0797 to discuss how you can ensure extra protection, financial security, and peace of mind for you and your family today.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance is meant to protect you from almost everything that your standard insurance policy doesn’t. Being a liability policy, it’s intended to compensate third-party liability claims, including injuries and damages for which you are responsible for. This policy doesn’t work alone; it comes in after you’ve exhausted your standard insurance policy. There is a limit to what your auto, home, and other standard insurance policies can do.
Severe accidents and large lawsuits could render you or your business bankrupt. At INW Insurance Group, we offer a wide variety of umbrella insurance coverage options to the residents of Mesa, AZ, and its environs. Some of the benefits of umbrella insurance include:
Extra Protection
It offers additional liability coverage including bodily injury and property damage that your typical insurance can’t reach. It also covers losses such as slander, false arrests, malicious prosecutions, etc.
Extra Coverage
Standard insurance policies often have exclusions. For instance, your auto insurance may not cover you if you cause an accident in another country. Umbrella insurance will help you in such situations.
Financial Security
Every day, there are several lawsuits filed against ordinary people and businesses. Severe accidents and large lawsuits may end in a huge financial settlement that may render you or your business bankrupt. Umbrella insurance makes sure this doesn’t happen.
Peace of Mind
Just like any other insurance, umbrella insurance offers you tranquility knowing you are protected from any lawsuits no matter how large they may be.
Talk to a local and knowledgeable agent at INW Insurance Group to help you understand what works for you or your business. We strive to ensure that the residents of Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas have enough protection against any liability claims. Contact us today for more information.