New Driving Law in AZ

Arizona is ringing in the new year with a ban on texting and driving. Starting January 1st, 2021, it will be illegal to use electronic devices while driving unless it is in a hands-free mode. This may include making phone calls, sending text messages, scrolling through social media, or even holding a device with your body. What about your tablets, portable music players, or gaming devices? If it is causing distraction and requires the use of your hands then yes, the same rules apply. However, this will not apply to making emergency 911 calls or using GPS navigation. You may be wondering how can this impact you the next time you get into your car?

The ban is a primary offense so you could be pulled over solely for having a phone in your hand. If you do get pulled over for violating the new law, you may not get lucky with a warning. Instead, you can receive a citation. Getting cited with a first time fine between $75-$149 is not a great way to help ease the toll on your wallet after all the shopping and spending from the holidays earlier. Not only is there a fine, but this may increase what you’ll pay for auto insurance! So, prevent the financial burden from fines or increased insurance rates and most importantly, keep yourself and others safe by following the new law.

After all, using your cellphone while driving is incredibly dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds. And a lot can happen when you’re not paying attention in those 5 seconds. Texting and driving can cause serious and fatal car accidents. Speaking of dangers on the road, INW Insurance Solutions wants you to know that December is also National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the holidays are the perfect time to have fun with your loved ones. However, the celebrations filled with fun and cheer also increase the dangerous risks on the road such as drunk drivers.

This is why auto insurance is essential. Accidents can happen at any time and have life changing consequences. Getting your auto insurance from INW Insurance Solutions means you get quality auto insurance coverage that helps protect you in the event of expensive lawsuits.

INW Insurance Solutions knows all about driving safely and auto insurance. If you have any questions about your current auto insurance plan, call INW Insurance Solutions so your agents can review your coverage and help you prepare for any upcoming changes. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so they can be aware of the upcoming changes to driving in Arizona.

When Do You Need a Home Warranty?

Strange noises? Bad smells? Lights flickering on and off? Before you think your house is haunted, your independent agents at INW Insurance Solutions can assure you, it’s no ghost. The culprits behind these spooky occurrences could be anything from a leaky faucet, broken garbage disposal, a faulty electrical system, or any other aging household appliances and systems. You may be wondering, does your home insurance policy cover this? Or do you really need a home warranty?

While home insurance policies and home warranties are designed to protect your home, they are not the same thing. The key distinction between a home insurance policy and a home warranty depends on the circumstance. Home insurance will cover the damages and losses to appliances/systems from unexpected events such as accidents, weather, or theft. For example, if your laundry machine is destroyed in a fire, home insurance will provide coverage. Meanwhile, if your laundry machine stops working due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty may help repair or replace it.

We recommend having both since a home insurance policy and a home warranty protect your house in unique ways. Only having one does not cover against everything that can happen. For example, if trick or treaters get injured on your property, a home insurance policy could cover liability and protect you against possible lawsuits.

Your household appliances and systems are essential to your home. Even new, properly maintained appliances and systems can break or malfunction without any notice. It can be expensive to replace major appliances like refrigerators or repair air conditioning issues. For such instances, having a home warranty is vital because a home insurance plan will not cover the aging or wear of your home appliances and systems. Having a home warranty in addition to your home insurance can be extremely beneficial in protecting your home against the unexpected.

Who you gonna call? INW Insurance Solutions. (Sorry Ghostbusters). We’ll make insurance a little less scary this Halloween season by working hard to find a plan that protects your home. Call us today to discuss adding a home warranty plan to your home insurance policy today. Our carrier, Safeco, offers a $25 discount on a home warranty contract but we have many other options to choose from. Go ahead and watch a horror movie, we’ll be here dedicated to finding you a plan that gives you peace of mind this Halloween season.

Safe Holiday Shopping

With the new age of holiday shopping upon us, it is important that you know how to stay safe online and while shopping. First let’s go over some online shopping tips that can prevent you from having information stolen.

Make sure to shop on familiar websites, avoid links that you do not recognize and avoid websites with mostly negative reviews. A website can look professional and legitimate, but it could be a phishing site to steal your information. How do you know which sites to trust?

When searching for a store’s site, ensure the URL (website address) matches the name exactly. For example, I searched for INW Insurance. One result (below) indicates INW Insurance Group in the description, however the URL indicates a Yahoo site.

Always look closely at the description and be wary of search results that have “Ad” in front of them. To ensure you are on a secure site to shop, make certain the site address begins with “HTTPS” versus just “HTTP”. At the top of the page where the URL is, be a lock symbol, the word “secure” or the address bar will be green, depending on the browser used. If the site is not secure, then reconsider inputting payment information.

What about store shopping? Use the following tips to stay safe while out. Shop during the day as much as possible and avoid secluded parking areas, especially at night. Park close to the door where it is busy and well lit.Do not wear flashy jewelry or carry an expensive hand bag as this will gain attention from crooks.

Note where you parked as to avoid wandering when returning to your vehicle. As you are walking to your vehicle, remain observant and not distracted by a cell phone. Have your keys in hand with a finger on the panic button. Be aware of cars parked close to you, large trucks or vans next to you, vehicles with dark tint, or someone sitting in a car next to yours. It may be safer to go back inside and ask to be escorted to your vehicle.

Once in your vehicle, lock your doors and leave. No phone calls, texts, or radios station searches. Burglars often use the time when you first enter your vehicle to their advantage.

Please be safe whether on line or out at the stores.