Is motorcycle insurance required in Arizona?

Motorcycle owners in Mesa, AZ may wonder if they are required to carry insurance as part of owning a bike. Fortunately, the team at INW Insurance Solutions is here to answer that question and more. Let us help you find the right bike policy for your needs. You’ll be glad to have the protection you need. Give us a call to learn more about the motorcycle insurance options available in our area. 

Required motorcycle insurance in Arizona

Liability insurance is required for all motorcycle owners in Arizona. In fact, the requirements were just recently increased. And these regulations also apply to all motor vehicles, including scooters and motorbikes. Anyone considering buying a motorcycle should take the time to look into the available insurance policies.

The required liability protection will cover you if you are involved in an accident that causes personal injury or property damage. If you opt for a policy that covers the basic requirements, you won’t have protection if your bike is stolen or damaged. This can mean that you’ll have to come out of pocket for any expenses that aren’t covered by your basic policy.

Upgrading to a policy that provides coverage for collisions and medical expenses is a great way to protect yourself from future financial stress. Several different policy options provide robust coverage.

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