Who Needs Boat Insurance in Arizona?

Unlike car insurance, you are not required to purchase boat insurance in Arizona. However, if your boat is financed, your lender may require you to purchase boat insurance. But whether boat insurance is mandatory is compulsory or not, INW Insurance Solutions advises all boat owners to consider this coverage because it can save you when you least expect it.

Why do you need boat insurance?

Yes, you may not be required to buy boat insurance in Arizona, but you still need it. Here are reasons you need boat insurance:

  • To protect your asset: Your boat is a significant investment that needs protection. Boat insurance is the best protection you can think of because it covers your boat against unexpected risks that may reduce your boat into rubble.
  • For liability protection: When accidents occur, you could be liable for property damage and bodily injury to other people. Luckily, you have boat insurance to thank when facing liability claims.
  • Medical payments: When boat accidents occur, you and your passengers can suffer injuries that could be costly to treat. Luckily, boat insurance pays for your medical expenses no matter who was at fault for the accident.
  • For peace of mind: Whether cruising, sailing, or fishing with your boat, time in the water should be fun-filled. Unfortunately, your time in the water can be worry-laden if you don’t have protection to back you up when mishaps happen. Luckily, boat insurance can take care of your worries in the water because you know your risks are well taken care of.

Boat insurance in Mesa, AZ 

Are you looking for boat insurance or simply want to review your coverage? INW Insurance Solutions can help. Our team of qualified agents can help you purchase a boat insurance policy that suits your budget and other needs. If you are looking to renew your coverage, we will look at the gaps in your policy and advise you on ways to fix them.