4 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent About RV Insurance

When you go to get RV insurance, you may want to know about some specific things. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s important to know what is involved and what to expect. The following are questions you can ask your Mesa, AZ area agent from INW Insurance Solutions. 

1. Do I need special coverage for a new motor home or trailer? 

It might be a good idea to secure some optional coverage so that you protect your investment. There are companies that lease protection in the instance that you have a total loss accident, so you get enough coverage for the gap between the depreciated value and what you still owe on your loan. 

2. How many days of usage do I get with an RV insurance policy? 

This is something that varies on the company. Many insurance agencies offer policies that provide seasonality coverage. You can enjoy hitting the open road with coverage and back off when it’s the off-season. This way, you might only have to pay for comprehensive coverage for the time when your RV is stowed away somewhere for a consecutive period of time. 

3. Can I get assistance if I have a mishap while on the road? 

There are numerous companies that offer roadside assistance services as an add-on, just like they would for an automotive insurance policy. It may cover things like having someone come to open your door if your keys are locked inside, or if you have flat tires. 

4. What if I want coverage for my personal property?

If you have your valuables and other personal possessions on your RV, you’re in good company. You’ll want to talk to an independent agent about setting up personal property coverage that is adequate for the amount you’d like to recover in the event of a total loss situation. You might also get coverage for extra custom things you’ve added on such as a stereo system, awning, and custom wheels. 

You can get your RV insurance questions answered by a professional at INW Insurance Solutions. Serving the greater Mesa, AZ area, we’re happy to assist new customers.