What Items Does Condo Insurance Cover That The Building’s Policy Doesn’t?

Insurance is a must whether you own a stand alone residence, or you own a condo. When speaking in terms of condo insurance, it is important to understand the type of protection the individual needs to purchase in order to prevent loss of assets and what the building’s insurance covers.

Scope of Condo Insurance Coverage

In most cases, the building will feature liability insurance for the structure itself, including the walls of the condo unit, however, any personal belongings or contents, aren’t usually covered unless prior arrangements were made and payments included in the HOA fees. When selecting a condo policy, it will need to cover major appliances and items of significant value. Keep in mind that these items need to be documented by saving receipts or taking plenty of photographs to help make the claims process faster.

Working With An Agent to Find Condo Insurance

The best course of action when looking for quality condo insurance is to work with an experienced agent. They can help determine what the tenant needs to get comprehensive coverage against a variety of threats to personal belongings. People who live near the Mesa, AZ area, should contact INW Insurance Group to find out what their options are and how to prevent any gaps in coverage that can create losses. 

Begin searching for condo insurance with the assistance of a skilled insurance agent from INW Insurance Group, serving Mesa, AZ, and get the protection and peace of mind you need. Call or stop by the office today to speak with a representative or to schedule a consultation for more details.