Does Renters Insurance Cover Liability Claims?

The short answer is that renters insurance typically does cover liability claims. The longer answer starts with explaining why liability is even needed for renters. It’s because renters have some of the same responsibilities as homeowners. While they may not be required to fix a broken window or the damaged sink, they are required to provide a safe environment for anyone who may grace their path in Mesa, AZ. INW Insurance Group wants you to know how liability works, and what it means to have protection in case an unexpected event occurs. 

Accidents and Injuries 

Let’s say you invite a friend over to your home for a dinner party. During the party, your guest needs to use the bathroom. As they travel down the hallway to the restroom, they trip over one of your child’s toys that were left in the middle of the path. The guest didn’t see the toy because the light bulb in the hallway burned out and was never changed. You may be held liable in this case for any medical bills that result from the injury. 

How much Does It Cover?

Your renter’s insurance policy in Mesa, AZ will typically have liability claims up to a certain amount. And while the listed amount on the policy may initially sound like a lot, renters have to be careful when they assume they’ll have enough to cover an expensive lawsuit. Because liability cases can drag out for months, the costs can mount extremely quickly. 

How to Decide 

Renters insurance is a smart precaution for anyone to make. Just taking the first step is a strong showing of responsibility. If you want to learn more about renters insurance, call INW Insurance Group today to find out more about a policy can protect you.