Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance or excess liability insurance is meant to protect you from almost everything that your standard insurance policy doesn’t. Being a liability policy, it’s intended to compensate third-party liability claims, including injuries and damages for which you are responsible for. This policy doesn’t work alone; it comes in after you’ve exhausted your standard insurance policy. There is a limit to what your auto, home, and other standard insurance policies can do.
Severe accidents and large lawsuits could render you or your business bankrupt. At INW Insurance Group, we offer a wide variety of umbrella insurance coverage options to the residents of Mesa, AZ, and its environs. Some of the benefits of umbrella insurance include:
Extra Protection
It offers additional liability coverage including bodily injury and property damage that your typical insurance can’t reach. It also covers losses such as slander, false arrests, malicious prosecutions, etc.
Extra Coverage
Standard insurance policies often have exclusions. For instance, your auto insurance may not cover you if you cause an accident in another country. Umbrella insurance will help you in such situations.
Financial Security
Every day, there are several lawsuits filed against ordinary people and businesses. Severe accidents and large lawsuits may end in a huge financial settlement that may render you or your business bankrupt. Umbrella insurance makes sure this doesn’t happen.
Peace of Mind
Just like any other insurance, umbrella insurance offers you tranquility knowing you are protected from any lawsuits no matter how large they may be.
Talk to a local and knowledgeable agent at INW Insurance Group to help you understand what works for you or your business. We strive to ensure that the residents of Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas have enough protection against any liability claims. Contact us today for more information.