What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

When you move into a home, you’re typically required to buy home insurance (unless you’re able to pay for the home with cash.) But when you move into a rental property, you’re not necessarily required to take out any type of insurance for the place. And yet, you may still want to take out a policy to protect yourself. See how renters insurance works from INW Insurance Group, and what it covers.

How It Works

Renters insurance is designed to protect all of your things inside a rental property. Your TV, computer, jewelry, and clothes may all be covered, depending on the type of insurance policy you get. Policies are based on your particular circumstances. So if you have a rental place full of hand-me-down furniture and you only care about protecting your electronics, then you may want to pick a policy with low coverage limits.

Things to Remember

Some owners will require their tenants to get renters insurance to protect themselves in the case of extreme emergency. So essentially if a sewer system floods for a covered reason, then the owner will be able to cover the repairs and the renter in Mesa, AZ can cover any potential property damage they suffered. But even if you’re not required to get a policy, most people still need it. You may not think you have very much to lose until you actually lose it, and you may be surprised at just how little liability your landlord has when it comes to replacing your things.

INW Insurance Group is here for renters in Mesa, AZ who want to have a little extra peace of mind. Just give us a call today to learn more about how you can use our renter’s insurance to your advantage. We’re more than happy to help today!