Protecting Our Community Heroes

Did you know that INW Insurance offers special discounts and rates for those that serve and protect our community in Mesa, AZ? Not only do we serve those in our own community but we can get you these great rates no matter where you live in Arizona. INW Insurance has you covered. This can include teachers, policemen, firemen, military, and government personnel. These are the people that not only protect our community but also shape our future. Our agents here at INW Insurance want to find the best way to give back, so we are now offering lower rates and special discounts as a token of our gratitude.

There are several community heroes that go unnoticed or unrecognized every day. It is our mission to not only recognize these heroes for what they do on a regular basis, but to spread awareness of what they do for our community. We aim to do this in many ways, the first, obviously by being able to provide discounts on their insurance. The second is community involvement, we believe that by actively volunteering our time in the community is the best way to show our appreciation to local heroes. There are very few limitations and there are a wide variety of jobs that can get you significant discounts on your insurance.

We want to know what our community in Mesa does to support our local heroes. You might be part of a charity organization, you might volunteer your time, a family member might be a hero themselves, whatever it may be, we want to know about it! You can leave a comment below or post a comment on our Facebook! Let’s show some support for our community heroes!

How Umbrella Insurance Supercharges Your Vehicle

You might think the only way to supercharge your vehicle is to amp up the engine and “trick out” the rest of vehicle. However, you might be surprised to realize the true way to supercharge your vehicle in Meza, AZ. To truly make your ride an extreme vehicle, you should actually amp up your insurance policy.
Get Umbrella Insurance
You might have a temporary lapse in judgment when driving that results in an accident. Your insurance might cover the cost of your injuries as well as the price of your repair bills. The policy might even allot you money to rent a car. You do have insurance in the event another driver gets hurt, but with the high cost of medical expenses nowadays, your policy limits might not cover all of the bodily harm caused to the other person. Not to mention, if the person wants money to cover the cost of pain and suffering along with the expense of the time he or she has to be off work, you could easily find yourself seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of a lawsuit. Typically, a standard policy doesn’t have these types of limitations.
You can supercharge your car by having an insurance policy that protects your assets. Keep in mind, if you end up having to pay expenses out of your own pocket, it could harm your ability to pay for your current car. You definitely aren’t getting the most of your vehicle, no matter how nice it looks, if you’re not able to cover all of the expenses of it due to a pending lawsuit.
To get a quote for an umbrella insurance policy, contact INW Insurance Group, serving Meza, AZ and the surrounding area, by calling 480-626-0797.