Driveways: Are They Covered By Home Insurance?

INW Insurance Group has helped people across the state, including in cities like Phoenix and Mesa, AZ, get the coverage they need to protect their home. Many of our customers are worried about their driveways and wonder if they are covered by home insurance.

Driveways Are Considered Part Of Your Dwelling

As most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover structures on your property, your driveway is most likely covered. It is viewed as an investment in your home and a vital structure for your home’s well-being. As a result, you can use home insurance coverage to pay for a variety of problems.

Naturally, you can’t ask your insurance company to pay for problems that you have caused. However, large cracks caused by heat or damaging pests and rain may be covered by your policy. Make sure to talk to your agent before making a claim to ensure that your driveway’s damage is covered.

However, That Comes With Qualifications

While most homeowner insurance policies will cover most of the structures on your property, there are circumstances in which it will not. 

What are these circumstances? One such circumstance may be if you own a building on your property where you do separate business. For example, if you own a garage where you do mechanic work, you would need a different type of business insurance for it.

That goes for its driveway as well. That driveway, even if it is on your property, is considered part of a commercial business. This is especially true if it serves no other purpose but to get to your separate place of business. As a result, your homeowner’s insurance would not cover that driveway, and it would need to be insured by another policy.

Get The Help You Need

If you live in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding areas and need help insuring your driveway, please contact us at INW Insurance Group. Our experts can provide you with the crucial insight that you need to protect your driveway and avoid severe and costly damage.