How Old Can a Child Be Before they Need Their Own Auto Policy

Insurance has the potential to be very confusing, but with the right agent like those at the INW Insurance Group in the Mesa, AZ area, all your questions can be easily answered. One question that is often asked is how old a child should be before they have to have their own auto policy. The answer is simpler than you might imagine.

For starters, the age of the child only matters if the car that is being insured is in their name only. What we mean by this is that if the car is owned by the child and the primary policy holder does not have their name on the title, it is required that the child has their own policy when they turn 26. If the main policy holder has their name on the title of the car, it can remain on the policy indefinitely with the child simply listed as one of the policy drivers.

This is a safeguard that was put in place to prevent people from insuring any old car they could to get the multi-car discounts. If you have a child that is under 26, you do not have to worry about them getting their own policy unless they simply want to do so. If they are over 26 and your name is not on the title of the car, and you do not have a vested interest in the car, they will need to get their own policy.

No matter how old your drivers are, you can ask an agent at INW Insurance Group in the Mesa, AZ area any questions to help you make sure you have the right policy and the right coverage for you and all drivers on your policy.