How to Inventory Home Upgrades and Purchases for Your INW Insurance Group Home Insurance Protection

With 365 days available to you every year, using one of those days for taking inventory or updating your existing INW Insurance Group Inventory with new major purchases is well-worth your time. You purchased your Mesa, AZ home insurance to cover the cost of replacing your belongings, in case an insured event happens to you and your family.

Add Assurance to Your Insurance

Consider the possibility that having documentation of losses, should an event such as water damage or fire occur, could make your life much easier during such a stressful time, if you already have the ownership proof you need. Choose a method you are familiar with like a video tape journal of items with serial numbers, product descriptions, date of purchase, and receipts. Include any important identifying information to make it easier for INW Insurance Group to document your home belongings.

If videotaping is not in your comfort zone, take photos of every major item in each room, backyard, garage, closets, and front yard. Have you purchased a water fountain or patio furniture recently? If you select a scrapbook type inventory, attach paid receipts, repair warranties, even operating instruction booklets to identify each product. Take photos of your jewelry, artwork, collectibles, and remodeling.

Many residents of Mesa, AZ have created lovely outdoor rooms or patio living spaces that should be included in their personal belonging inventories. Developing an annual storage plan to safely store away your high-end outdoor furnishings, appliances, and big items will not only keep them safer in storm conditions but prevent weathering wear and tear.

Contact your insurance agent at INW Insurance Group to discuss ways that home upgrades and reinforcement doors, windows, and garage doors might qualify for lower premium points.