Got Foundation Problems? What is Covered By Home Insurance

If a contractor tells you have foundation problems that need to be repaired, dollar signs may immediately flash in your head. Foundation repairs are not cheap. Fortunately for you, some issues may be covered by your home insurance policy. Here is some information that an adjuster will look at when determining whether your foundation issues will be covered by home insurance.

If the Cracks are Considered Normal Wear and Tear

One of the first things an adjuster will look at when assessing your foundation problems is the size of the cracks. Small cracks are often caused by settling. This is considered normal wear and tear and most home insurance policies do not cover regular wear and tear. Regular wear and tear requires a homeowner to perform routine maintenance on their home, something policies do not not typically cover. Lucky for you, small cracks are relatively easy and quick to fix.

What Caused the Damage and What Your Insurance Coverage Covers

The other factor that an adjuster will figure out when determining if your foundation problem is covered by home insurance or not is what caused the damage. For example, floods and earthquakes can cause major foundation problems. However, if your policy doesn’t include flood coverage or earthquake coverage, your foundation claim may be denied. As such, it is important that you always know what type of coverage you have.

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