Protecting Your Home Against Termites

In Mesa, AZ and throughout the state, termites are an ongoing concern.  In fact, there are between 12 and 18 termite colonies for every acre of land in Arizona.  These termites, mostly the subterranean type, live beneath the soil.  They build large colonies that can house hundreds of thousands of them.  They feed on wood and can even eat through your drywall and insulation.  There is hope in protecting your home from an infestation.  Use these tips to help protect your home against termites.

Tip #1: Contact a Professional Termite Control Company

If you already have a termite issue, contact a professional termite control company for help.  You can also seek advice from one of these companies on preventative measures.  They can share expert advice and options such as using a chemical barrier around your home. This may help to deter termites. 

Tip #2:  Practice Routine Home Maintenance

Good home maintenance is another way to prevent termites. They can enter your home through even the tiniest of cracks, so be diligent about keeping these sealed and repaired as much as possible.  Termites also look for a water source.  Make your home less attractive to them by repairing leaky water pipes and faucets right away.

Tip #2:  Be Mindful of Your Outdoor Landscaping

Termites like wood.  Therefore, avoid any type of wood too close to the home.  Do not use wood mulch in planting beds around your home.  And try to avoid planting trees, bushes, and other plants too close. They should be at least three feet away.  Also, any wood structures near the home need to be at least six inches off the ground.

Your home is a big investment.  Avoid termite issues common to Mesa, AZ by taking these precautions to keep it safe. Contact INW Insurance Group today to learn more.