I Have A Home Warranty. Do I Still Need Home Insurance?

To safeguard the building’s structure and its systems and appliances, homeowners should have both house insurance and a home warranty. In contrast to homeowners insurance, which covers significant dangers such as fires, property crimes, and some forms of water damage that might endanger the entire structure or the homeowner’s personal items, a home warranty only covers minor issues. These include leaky faucets and broken pipes.

An agreement between the homeowner and a home warranty provider allows for subsidized repair and replacement services for the main components of a house, such as a furnace, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. A house warranty may also cover washers, dryers, refrigerators, and swimming pools. For questions, call INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ. 

Distinctions Between a Home Warranty and Insurance 

Homeowners insurance protects you against someone else’s home or possessions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a mortgage; home insurance is always a good investment. A homeowners policy is a valuable financial asset because it covers your home and your liabilities in case of something bad happens. 

In contrast, a home insurance policy covers the cost of structural damage and loss of personal belongings in an emergency, such as a burglary or fire. Homeowners who have mortgages on their homes may be obliged to obtain home insurance, but a home warranty plan isn’t necessary. A home warranty and home insurance can safeguard a homeowner’s budget against costly repairs when they inevitably arise in a home.


Home warranties and insurance give homeowners the maximum protection they can hope for. Repairs and damage caused by a leak are covered by both plans so that you can have peace. Home warranties and insurance policies are just two halves of the same coin. Do you have questions or need professional help in Mesa, AZ? Contact INW Insurance Solutions today.

Arizona Auto Insurance Requirements

Arizona requires all drivers within its borders to purchase auto insurance before driving on state roads. It also sets a minimum insurance level. At INW Insurance Solutions serving Mesa AZ, we want you to know about the inaccuracy of some of the information you see on the Internet regarding Arizona auto insurance.

Although state law changed on July 1, 2020, increasing the state minimums, most of the insurance blogs still provide the old information. That means that what you see in a Google snippet or Bing feature box isn’t correct. Those sites say you need 10/30/10 coverage, but you now need 25/50/15. You’ll also need a minimum of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage equivalent to the state minimums for bodily injury (25/50).

Let’s look at what you need to remain legal in detail. The 25/50/15 requirements break down like this:

  • Coverage in the amount of $25,000 for bodily injury or death to an individual in an accident you cause.
  • Coverage of $50,000 for bodily injury or death for all persons in an accident you cause.
  • Coverage in the amount of $15,000 for property damage to all vehicles in an accident you cause.
  • An option for uninsured motorist coverage for $25,000/$50,000 for bodily injury.

The last insurance type, uninsured motorist protection, kicks in if another driver hits you, but that driver didn’t own an insurance policy, or they didn’t carry enough insurance to address the damage wrought to your vehicle or your person.

Contact INW Insurance Solutions, serving Mesa, AZ, today to update or purchase your new auto policy. Let us help you drive legally.

Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

Just like you need home insurance when you buy a home, you are going to need condo insurance when you buy a condo. It is similar to homeowners insurance, though there are some differences. 

That being said, you may be unsure about whether or not you need to get condo insurance. Here are some reasons why you should. 

  • You may be required to get condo insurance if you take out a mortgage for it. Most mortgage companies will require insurance to protect their investment. 
  • It will protect you in case someone gets injured in your condo. Your insurance will cover their medical bills and any legal fees if you end up getting sued. 
  • It will cover damage to your condo itself. It will help to repair your condo if anything happens to it. This can also include damage due to vandalism.    
  • Your condo insurance will also cover your possessions. This will include your furniture, clothing, jewelry, artwork, and other possessions in your condo. 
  • If your condo becomes uninhabitable, it will cover lodging while repairs are made. If you cannot live in your condo, it will cover your hotel or a short-term rental if needed. 

Though you may not want to buy condo insurance, you may be required to. Your mortgage company will want to protect its investment. If something happens to your condo, they may lose their investment. Your condo insurance will also cover any medical bills if someone gets injured at your home. It will cover damage to your condo and everything that you have inside. 

If you want to ensure that your condo is adequately protected, don’t hesitate to contact INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ. 

What’s Unique About Umbrella Insurance?

When you want insurance coverage that gives you broader coverage at an affordable rate, you can always turn to umbrella insurance. This coverage takes over when the limits of your home, auto, and other conventional insurance coverages are exhausted. And that’s not the only advantage of umbrella insurance. As you will learn from INW Insurance Solutions of Mesa, AZ, umbrella insurance has numerous benefits. Let’s go through some.

It protects your assets

One of the reasons you work hard in life is to accumulate a sufficient amount of properties for investment purposes or to improve your comfort. Now, imagine someone coming for your hard-earned assets. Wouldn’t that be downright frustrating? Regrettably, your assets can be on the line when faced with lawsuits. Thankfully, investing in umbrella insurance protects your assets and future earnings from significant liability claims.

Provides broader coverage

Umbrella insurance not only gives you higher coverage but broader protection too. Let’s explain. Umbrella insurance provides you with personal liability protection not found in the base liability coverages. For instance, umbrella insurance will protect you when accused of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy — these liability claims aren’t covered in the typical auto, home, or boat liability coverage.

Has no geographical limitation

Your typical car or home liability coverage is only limited to the American boundaries. However, things are different with umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance provides you coverage anywhere in the world. So, you can travel anywhere in the world, knowing that umbrella insurance has got your back.

It’s super-affordable

Another advantage of umbrella insurance is that it’s surprisingly affordable. Given that it takes over after the conventional coverages have been exhausted, the premiums are super-affordable despite the high liability coverage.

Need to invest in umbrella insurance Mesa, AZ? Why don’t you contact INW Insurance Solutions for an affordable quote?

4 Facts You Must Know About RV Insurance

Is there a better way to spend a day than exploring the beautiful sceneries of Mesa, AZ, with an RV? Not many things can beat an RV experience. However, although your RV gives you limitless fun, don’t forget about one crucial thing: RV insurance. RV insurance from INW Insurance Solutions protects you, your vehicle, and passengers when the unthinkable happens.

Want to learn more about RV insurance? We have gathered 4 facts about RV insurance that we think might shed more light on this must-have coverage for RV owners.

RV insurance is mandatory

Like your vehicle, you must invest in RV insurance to drive or park your RV in public spaces. If you are found without RV insurance, you could face stiff penalties and fines, including license suspension. But is it worth it, yet you can get affordable coverage from INW Insurance Solutions?

RV insurance can protect your personal items

Unlike your auto insurance, RV insurance can protect the items inside your vehicle. Since your RV acts like your home, you probably have many assets inside your RV. For this reason, you need coverage that can cover the contents in your vehicle to cushion you from losses and damages.

RV insurance covers you if you live in your RV fulltime

Living in your RV 99% of the time? You can get coverage similar to home insurance. This RV insurance protects your RV, personal assets and covers you against personal liabilities.

RV insurance has numerous coverages

Just like your auto insurance, RV insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all coverage. It’s offered in numerous coverages — so you only choose coverages that suit your needs and budget.

Buy RV insurance today!

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Who Needs Boat Insurance in Arizona?

Unlike car insurance, you are not required to purchase boat insurance in Arizona. However, if your boat is financed, your lender may require you to purchase boat insurance. But whether boat insurance is mandatory is compulsory or not, INW Insurance Solutions advises all boat owners to consider this coverage because it can save you when you least expect it.

Why do you need boat insurance?

Yes, you may not be required to buy boat insurance in Arizona, but you still need it. Here are reasons you need boat insurance:

  • To protect your asset: Your boat is a significant investment that needs protection. Boat insurance is the best protection you can think of because it covers your boat against unexpected risks that may reduce your boat into rubble.
  • For liability protection: When accidents occur, you could be liable for property damage and bodily injury to other people. Luckily, you have boat insurance to thank when facing liability claims.
  • Medical payments: When boat accidents occur, you and your passengers can suffer injuries that could be costly to treat. Luckily, boat insurance pays for your medical expenses no matter who was at fault for the accident.
  • For peace of mind: Whether cruising, sailing, or fishing with your boat, time in the water should be fun-filled. Unfortunately, your time in the water can be worry-laden if you don’t have protection to back you up when mishaps happen. Luckily, boat insurance can take care of your worries in the water because you know your risks are well taken care of.

Boat insurance in Mesa, AZ 

Are you looking for boat insurance or simply want to review your coverage? INW Insurance Solutions can help. Our team of qualified agents can help you purchase a boat insurance policy that suits your budget and other needs. If you are looking to renew your coverage, we will look at the gaps in your policy and advise you on ways to fix them.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

When you want to have better liability coverage than you already have, getting an umbrella insurance policy is an option available to you. If you already have home and auto insurance, it works with those policies to provide you with more coverage. If you want to know more about umbrella insurance, call us now at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ.

Home and Auto Insurance Policies

Both your home and auto policies come with several different types of coverage. One of these coverage types is liability protection. This pays for lost wages and medical bills after someone has an accident that you are liable for. In your vehicle, that is generally from an accident that you are at fault for. In the home, this can be an accident that is anywhere on your property. However, your home and auto policies most likely have little coverage for liability. If you get an umbrella policy, it adds to the amount of liability coverage that you have. 

Two Insurance Policies

When you have an umbrella policy, it adds to both your home and your auto insurance’s coverage for liability. That means that your home is covered by both your home insurance and your umbrella insurance, and the same is true for your auto insurance. After an accident has taken place, the first insurance company to come in is your auto or home policy, depending on the location of the accident. After it has reached its maximum payout, the umbrella policy comes along behind it and pays what it can up to its own, very high limit. 

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you are interested in having better liability coverage, umbrella insurance may be right for you. Give us a call today at INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ  to find out more. 

Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

How are you getting to the table this Thanksgiving? If you’re riding into town on a motorcycle have you made sure that you’re properly protected against all the possible risks?

Your INW Insurance Solutions team loves motorcycles. We understand how motorcycles are more than a hobby, it is an experience. If your motorcycle is your pride and joy, you know the countless hours you put into taking care of your motorcycle. You wouldn’t just buy cheap motorcycle parts for your beloved motorcycle, so why would you get motorcycle insurance that is not up to the quality and care that you’ve invested into your ride?

While riding a motorcycle is more freeing and exciting than a car, it can be very dangerous. Motorcyclists face hazards like being less visible to other motorists or losing stability on roads with poor maintenance. Not only is motorcycle insurance required, there are also a variety of coverages you can choose and customize including collision, your personal belongings, motorcycle equipment. Considering the heightened hazards, it would make sense to better protect yourself before an accident were to happen.

You can call INW Insurance Solutions today to begin discussing your premiums. There are a variety of factors that may impact your pricing. In some instances, it might even be cheaper than insuring a car!

If you are looking for some ways to share your love of motorcycles with other riders and get some extra cash before the gift giving season, you can list your bike on Twisted Road, a motorcycle rental company. As a Twisted Road member, you could even qualify for a 5% discount with one of our carriers, Foremost Insurance Group. If this sounds like something you are interested in and would like more information on, you can contact our office. Our agents can discuss what coverage options Foremost Insurance Group offers and even additional policies to find you better savings.

INW Insurance Solutions finds you the best options for the challenges you may come across when searching for the perfect motorcycle insurance. Don’t take a risk when a riding a motorcycle. Wear your helmet and be protected against the risks on the road and liability.
Enjoy the road. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy knowing INW Insurance Solutions has your ride protected with motorcycle insurance.

Arizona Condo Insurance – What You Need To Know About Condo Insurance

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to move into a condominium in our beautiful state of Arizona.  Before you start the process of moving your items into your condo, you should become familiar with condo insurance and what it entails for you and your property.  Should you be in the market for condo insurance, INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ has many options available for coverage.

What Is Condo Insurance?

Similar to homeowners insurance, condo insurance is coverage that protects any items in your condo from damage or theft. Typically, this is a jumping-off point for condo owners as most tenants who have this coverage tend to add more coverage options to the policy, of which we’ll cover below.

Medical Payments Coverage

This form of coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by visitors to your condo should they get injured while visiting. 

Full Value Personal Property Coverage

This addition adds more value to your items while being covered under your policy and will replace items at the full cost of the item versus the depreciated value of the item.  

Consult With The HOA

Most condominiums have an HOA or Home Owners Association that they pay monthly dues to.  The HOA has to have the final say on any improvements or any changes to the condo while you are living there.  Consulting with HOA before any changes are made will also stipulate what is and what isn’t covered under condo insurance in the event of additions to the condo.

Higher Limits, Higher Premiums

As with regular insurance, you can elect to have coverage amounts of any choice, just keep in mind that the higher the coverage limit, the higher that your monthly premiums will be.

More Information

You can contact INW Insurance Solutions in Mesa, AZ today to learn more about condo insurance and the options you have as a new condo owner.

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Agent About RV Insurance

When you go to get RV insurance, you may want to know about some specific things. Even if this isn’t the case, it’s important to know what is involved and what to expect. The following are questions you can ask your Mesa, AZ area agent from INW Insurance Solutions. 

1. Do I need special coverage for a new motor home or trailer? 

It might be a good idea to secure some optional coverage so that you protect your investment. There are companies that lease protection in the instance that you have a total loss accident, so you get enough coverage for the gap between the depreciated value and what you still owe on your loan. 

2. How many days of usage do I get with an RV insurance policy? 

This is something that varies on the company. Many insurance agencies offer policies that provide seasonality coverage. You can enjoy hitting the open road with coverage and back off when it’s the off-season. This way, you might only have to pay for comprehensive coverage for the time when your RV is stowed away somewhere for a consecutive period of time. 

3. Can I get assistance if I have a mishap while on the road? 

There are numerous companies that offer roadside assistance services as an add-on, just like they would for an automotive insurance policy. It may cover things like having someone come to open your door if your keys are locked inside, or if you have flat tires. 

4. What if I want coverage for my personal property?

If you have your valuables and other personal possessions on your RV, you’re in good company. You’ll want to talk to an independent agent about setting up personal property coverage that is adequate for the amount you’d like to recover in the event of a total loss situation. You might also get coverage for extra custom things you’ve added on such as a stereo system, awning, and custom wheels. 

You can get your RV insurance questions answered by a professional at INW Insurance Solutions. Serving the greater Mesa, AZ area, we’re happy to assist new customers.